Why Americans Are Traveling to Mexico For Medical Care

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Everybody in the us is talking about healthcare reform, skyrocketing medical costs and the increasing inability of average Americans to manage even the most fundamental medical and dental care due to unreasonably high prices. Another 45 million are’under guaranteed’ -which is, with out-of-pocket costs and deductibles so large that they cannot manage doctor and hospital fees once necessary.

Medical Care

More than 110 million are currently without dental insurance and not able to find the care they want. Yet even the prosecution have yet another option. In response to rising healthcare costs in the home, more U.S. citizens have gone overseas to benefit from the excellent physicians and dentists accessible medical tourism to Mexico.

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Convenient, significantly less costly, and incorporating the exact same or a greater quality of maintenance, the sophistication of treatment, and breadth of medical providers since the U.S., Mexico’s state-of-the-art private hospitals make medical tourism to Mexico a perfect alternative for anybody struggling with the high cost of medical expenses in America.

Medical travel connects patients with fresh, modern amenities situated in upscale residential and worldwide business districts CoolSculpting by Victory Med Spa. There are numerous notable Mexican hospitals in cities like Tijuana, Monterrey, Juarez, Mexicali, Guadalajara, and Mexico City regularly working with medical travelers from all parts of the globe to take care of all kinds of medical troubles. For instance, Mexico hospitals sponsor Canadian and American patients for orthopedic, spinal, cardiology, cosmetic, and weight loss surgery and dental procedures on a daily basis.

Cost Is The Significant Issue

Medical traveling to Mexico is more popular than previously, but travel to Mexico for therapy isn’t a new idea. Residents of the southern countries have long taken advantage of the cheap health care across the border, with many taking advantage of medical travel on a monthly basis.

Presently, almost one million Californians make routine usage of the Mexican health care system, crossing the boundary for check-ups, prescriptions, family dentistry, and surgeries of all sorts. For as little as $250 a year, Americans who proceed to Mexico are able to receive medical care without a prescription, low-cost x-rays, glasses, dental work, and totally free prescription medications.

In its report, “Medical Tourism: Consumers In Search of Value,” the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions estimates about 5 million Americans went abroad for healthcare in 2009. Researchers expect this number to rise considerably, rising to over 20 million over ten years. Medical tourism destinations vary, but for Americans, Mexico is the ideal solution.

In Mexico, Americans can get the same quality and standards of care for less than half the cost of the same procedure stateside – often working with surgeons who have train and practice in the US, and work closely with all American medical device manufacturers.

For some procedures, the difference in price is even greater, costing just a third of the American cost in Mexico. The tens of thousands of patients who come to Mexico annually know how significant those savings are, even after factoring in travel expenses.

Lack Of Insurance Increases The Demand For Low-Cost Healthcare

Sadly, many Americans don’t have sufficient health insurance to pay the high expenses of necessary medical care. With record job losses and an ongoing economic downturn, Americans continue to reduce employer-sponsored medical insurance for an unprecedented rate, forcing them into expensive COBRA obligations of around $12,000 annually, and announcing medical malpractice in a rate of 2 million each year.

Frustrated with the broken American health care system, more Americans than ever before are finding that they can get the same high-quality medical care and identical prescription medications at a much lower cost in Mexico than they could get domestically.

According to research from the U.S. Medical Tourism Association, the vast majority of U.S. patients that have taken good advantage of medical traveling to Mexico speed their experience as equal as well as superior to U.S. hospitals and doctors.

Savvy employers in Texas, California, and South Carolina are joining this trend, taking the measure of buying Mexican health care programs for their employees frequently at one-fifth the price of American health care. These plans are less expensive for employers as compared to traditional American medical insurance plans.

Employees also save on deductibles and flat-rate prices in addition to prescription drugs costs. The fact that the majority of hospital medical travel packages include such extras like travel coordination services, lab work, and resort stay makes medical tourism to Mexico, even more attractive.

Convenience And Travel Options

Nearly half of all American taxpayers live within driving distance of the main Mexico hospitals routinely serving medical travelers. For everyone else, there are regular and affordable flights to the major destinations for health tourism in Mexico, making it effortless to get quality, affordable healthcare only a short car trip or trip away.

Without doubt, medical tourism to Mexico has done more than any other industry to put top-quality medical care within financial reach for all American citizens. Mexico hospitals are responding by teaming with seasoned medical tourism facilitators, resorts, hotels, and airlines to make discounted lodging and travel choices for Americans visiting Mexico for their healthcare.

These complete packages ensure that American patients get access to the very best possible medical teams, but will also be able to enjoy a stress-free retrieval period. A fantastic medical care facilitator will manage everything, letting the patient to focus on the most important part of therapy: your own recovery.

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