Christmas Light Hanging Service

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A friend suggested I begin a Christmas light hanging support and that I have not looked back since. I nearly hit six characters in my very first year of the company and I will share with you the way you may do exactly the same.

Before you start you will need to understand this can be a very brief season.

The fantastic thing is that the prep component of everything is not really that hard. All that you need to do is receive a flyer prepared to ship out. Your flyer has to be flamboyant and capture peoples eyes since email is sprinkled over the garbage can and unless the flyer stands outside.

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Christmas Light Hanging

The very best advice I can give on your flyer would make certain it includes a lot of images of amazing Christmas light instalments and ensure that your contact info (telephone number and email address) are notable.

Now your flyer was designed it is time to have it delivered. I typically begin sending them out beginning on November 1st and every 2 weeks after and finish December 7th approximately professional christmas lights installation el paso. If you are strapped for cash it is possible to send them yourself or you’ll be able to find the post office to perform it.

You can not simply ship them out randomly, however. You have to target places where people will really need your services. I suggest targeting companies and upper-class houses.

Once your flyers are sent you can settle back and unwind… at least before the phone calls start rolling in. Every possible customer demands a consultation to work out just what they need and also to give them a quotation.

Nearly all customers don’t have any clue what they need though so it is an excellent idea that you gather a book of images that shows different kinds of setups. When they don’t understand what they want only drag it out and they will find something which they enjoy.

During the consultation, there’s also an opportunity for you to make a little additional cash on top of everything you are charging. Let them know you could purchase the lights if need be (simply add 15 per cent to the price ). In the close of the consultation (if items have gone nicely ) you can request a deposit. I generally request 25 per cent for smaller projects and 40 per cent for bigger projects.

As soon as you receive the deposit it is time to specify a date to set up the Christmas lights as well as also a date to down them (be sure you mention you just take them down too ). This is the simple part (if bodily ) because the customer has already summarized precisely what they need so all you have to do is implement their vision.

The day after you perform the setup constantly follow along together and determine how they enjoy it. That tiny step only requires a moment or 2, but nearly always guarantees repeat clients. 1 rule to bear in mind is that it is a lot easier to keep a client than it is to receive one.

If you have been considering beginning a Christmas light hanging support I highly advise that you do that.

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